Master American Natural Superfood

Our American Natural Superfood mix is sugar-free, sweetened with natural stevia, and brings a slightly sweet vanilla flavor, while packed with 44 amazing superfoods in our meal replacement shakes.

The word ‘superfood' gets thrown around an awful lot these days. There are hundreds of products on the market that declare to be loaded with superfoods, but give no verification. And there are even more individulas claiming to be ‘health experts' who have developed the next magical superfood formula.

It's an ideal protein and greens shake to crush hunger, increase energy, and obtain maximum nutrition - and the ideal anti-aging superfood for seniors.

American Natural Superfood is also a wonderful option for those who are attempting to be healthy, but have found they can't afford the cost of all the foods they require to support this lifestyle, and for those who just want to take control of their health, whether it's for personal, financial, or family reasons.

The protein powder you may have been using may not be healthy at all, even if it has a famous name. Check to see if it's full of GMO soy products along with high fructose corn syrup. Americans Natural Superfood is made with only organic products and pea protein, along with additional healthy ingredients.

Any individual on the lookout to lose weight, enhance energy, or assist health understands that protein is vital. Get all that in this paleo, vegan protein powder.

I use it as a meal substitute for breakfast. I usually don't eat breakfast, and this protein/greens powder is a first-rate way to get needed vitamins and proteins in the morning.

This is a superb product for preppers and survivalists who are keeping dried food "just in case" the SHTF. It stores well as a entire meal if required to get through a disaster.

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